Margaret Place is a referral-only five-room ultra-boutique hotel. You cannot book without a referral or an invitation.

Why referral-only?

Putting Friends First: We got sick of turning away friends that we wanted to host for randos we didn’t. Staying in an anonymous, overpriced room surrounded by strangers isn’t conducive to a good vacation. We’d rather sit empty than subject our people to that.

“It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.” – Epicurus

Your Second Home: Our hotel rooms are designed like bedrooms in a luxury home. We wanted to have the freedom to stock them with our favorite, precious things and amenities like game consoles and media libraries that we know we wouldn’t want to be without for long stays. Likewise, we want to be able to make your trip special and provide access to places, people, and scenes that we simply can’t let just anyone know about.

Lower Prices: Booking platforms and OTAs can charge up to 50%, and that’s before the real costs of terrible guests and fake bookings. We’re not comfortable charging what we should for our rooms, and we’re also not comfortable giving a deal to those who don’t appreciate it.

Events: Margaret Place has incredible and unique hotel rooms, but our events are where we shine. All bookings are subject to cancellation or amendment so that we have the freedom to host the parties, weddings, and community events that we want.

Why Margaret Place?

Quality in Depth: A great shower is important to me, so I was excited that those at the Hard Rock Hotel in Biloxi had three heads. However, when I went to turn them all on, all I got was a paltry stream from one and a trickle from the next highest. We’re the opposite of that. In our case, we don’t just put in the 8-head shower, but the dedicated instant hot water heater, the digital shower controller, the 1.5″ pet supply, a pressure boosting pump, and then we run every drop of water coming on-site through a filtration plant the size of a mini cooper.

Central Location: We’re walkable to both the French Quarter and Commander’s Palace and a block off the St. Charles Avenue parade route. We’re like a little pocket universe, on a street nearly all our own with a few great spots to ourselves, but walk a block in any direction and you’re in a whole different world.

For Those Who Know: This is not a sex club, nudist colony, secret gambling den, or any other sort of place with a need to vette its guests. But, what we are is a place that welcomes pluralism – we’re different things to different people and we love and protect people who are different too. We’re a deep space, we don’t want to have a “type” of clientele and we don’t want to be featured in your fucking travel magazine. We’re a space that always evolving for those who are doing the same.


  • Sheex Sheets, T&N Mattresses, & CertiPUR-US Pillows
  • Heated bathroom floors, heated towels, & bidet washlets
  • Purified air, filtered water, & non-toxic cleaners
  • Free Gigabit Wifi, 4k TVs, Premium Cable, & HBO
  • Quality in Depth
  • Knowledgeable hyperlocal staff
  • Heated Endless Pools 17′ swim spa
  • Bike, surrey, and scooter rentals available


Bridal Suite

Make every day feel like “the big day” with one of the largest and most spacious single suites in New Orleans. Pour yourself a drink at the wet bar and stroll through the lounge to enjoy it on the private balcony. Relax in the Human Touch Novo XT2 massage chair or immerse yourself in Kohler’s…
Details Bridal Suite

Connector Room

Named for its position in the connector mass of the building (but take it however you want), this black and gold room takes its style cues from the historic Portoro marble mantle. The room is designed around a king bed with layers of wall to wall, floor to ceiling curtains encapsulating a private space to…
Details Connector Room

Lookout Room

Our smallest room is also our favorite room and tends to be the favorite of our repeat guests. As a third-floor walk-up it’s definitely not ideal for anyone who packs heavy but the reward is a view that looks out over the neighbors with windows that allow for cross ventilation. It’s also just got an…
Details Lookout Room

Upriver Room

Upriver is our best choice for those who need to get a little work done during their trip or just need a quieter place to recharge. The muted tones, beadboard walls, reading nook, and custom slipcovered bed fabricated in locally by Curious Form all combine to create our most tranquil space. • 280 sqft (26m²),…
Details Upriver Room

Downriver Room

Upriver is a more traditional room and the closest to the pool. It’s part of a mirrored pair with Upriver and also features muted tones, beadboard walls, reading nook, and a custom slipcovered bed fabricated in locally by Curious Form. • 280 sqft (26m²), sleeps 2• Closest to the pool, best for long stays.• Eight…
Details Downriver Room