Minimalist New Orleans Wedding

This extraordinarily simple wedding and reception during the pandemic leveraged the beauty of the courtyard and New Orleans’ great weather to full effect. The florals were limited to just a few bouquets and decorative arrangements prepared in advance. Elysian was the perfect caterer to match the restrained and effortlessly sophisticated atmosphere. They helped to create an environment that was tranquil and meditative. The day had a real focus on friendship and connection which photographer Taylor Cutler captured with magazine worthy portraits.

Wedding Photography by Taylor Cutler

Most Valuable Vendor Award

Elysian Catering

For creative, scaled-down presentations and first class service.

Furniture:Perrier Party Rentals
DJ:Brice Nice
Photography:Taylor Cutler (Out of State)
Catering & Bartending:Elysian Catering
Cake:Haydel’s Bakery

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